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Little known hotel room fact (Number 3)

May 16, 2008

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Here’s a little known hotel room fact we discovered. Let’s say your staying in a tiny hotel room for a certain length of time with another adult, an 11 month old child and a 70 pound chocolate lab. Although the room is a spacious 350 square foot suite, no matter where you go, the dog, […]

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Little known hotel room fact (Number 2)

May 15, 2008


Here’s something you probably didn’t know. Say you’re spending some time in a hotel room with two adults, a baby and a 70 pound chocolate lab. After just a week, something special happens. Your 70 pound chocolate lab will have regrown all of her hair 4 times. That’s right, 4 times. There will be enough […]

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Little known hotel room fact (Number 1)

May 14, 2008


Staying in a hotel anytime soon? Believe it or not, but your room floor is probably filthy. Disgustingly filthy. In the past 6 months, we’ve spent a total of 5 weeks in hotel rooms (with 4 more weeks to go). We’ve stayed in 6-7 different hotels from NV to FL. Know what the common bond […]

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House number three!

May 12, 2008


Well, our "transition" is almost officially over! Nearly six months ago I lost my job at my previous church. We put our house on the market and it sold within two months. Since then we’ve been spending all our time in the homes of family, friends and the occasional hotel room. Currently there are four […]

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Francie has a pet

May 5, 2008


Yes, while in Atlanta, Francie picked up a little pet of her own. I named him Fred. I don’t really know if Francie has a name picked out for him, but since I don’t speak dog, I took the liberty. Actually, they’re quite inseparable. Fred is a tick. When I got back from a conference […]

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