Kenny’s Wish List

Doesn’t have to be just Christmas. I have a birthday in February as well.

Sara reminded me the other day that I’m hard to shop for because I don’t tell anyone what I want (usually). I responded quickly “well, I set up an Amazon Wish List like 5 years ago that no one has gotten me anything from in years.” She remarked, no one knows how to get to your Amazon list.”

Point taken. So, here I am putting my list on the blog for the world to see. If you’re thinking of getting me a special gift, I won’t stop ya. I’ll try to categorize to make it easier. Several of the books I’ve listed are older books and the new printed copies are different from what I’m requesting. The image you see below is the version of the book I want. I have added a link to the particular version of the book on Amazon and for some of them, you can’t get them new on Amazon, but many people are selling them used. Please feel free to pick them up used. As long as the book is still in good to great condition, I’m perfectly happy with a previously read book.


I’ve put these books in order. The top books I want the most. I don’t mind getting used books at all, just as long as they are in good or like-new condition.

Gideon’s Dawn (Now on Amazon)

Byzantium by Stephen Lawhead (1st Edition Hardcover)

The Never Ending Story (click link)


The Search for Fierra (Empyrion Cycle) Stephen Lawhead (Softcover)


The Siege of the Dome (Empyrion Cycle) Stephen Lawhead (Softcover)


These are in order as well.




Moulin Rouge


Star Wars: Episode III


These are in no particular order at all. Feel free to find these used. Many of these are old games and are pretty cheap used games. I’d prefer to pick up several of the cheap used ones first.


Age of Empires for the Nintendo DS


The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Gameboy Advance/ works with my DS)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Includes Four Swords)


The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker for GameCube (works on my Wii)


Last year I did post on this page that I wanted a GameCube and Nintendo 64 as there were games from my past that I really missed. The cool thing is that I actually got them. Now I just need a few games. Below are games specifically for the Nintendo 64 that I really want. They all have links to Amazon pages where you can pick them up used. If you find them somewhere else cheaper, that’s great too. My top two requests are Golden Eye 007 and Rush 2.


Golden Eye 007: This was the most popular game in my dorm for an entire year when I was in college.


Perfect Dark


Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA


Mario Kart


Paper Mario

Okay, last but not least, I saw this the other day and I totally want these. I don’t know why, but I’ve totally got this fascination for magnets. I remember when I was a kid I used to get Boys Life Magazine (a magazine for boy scouts). In the back of the magazine was usually ads for junk you could buy (but it looked like the coolest junk in the world to this 9 year old boy). I do remember one time that they had a set of 1000 magnets that you could get for $10 or so. In the little black and white picture, they showed the cool things you could build with your hundreds and hundreds of tiny little magnets. Obviously the picture was not to any kind of scale. I imagined 1000 little magnet bricks… like small legos.

What came instead was 10 small sheets of magnets. you know how you can buy adhesive magnet sheets to stick a postcard or something too? It was like that, but just a little thicker. Instead the sheets were scored to you could tear it into 100 separate magnets. The scoring was sloppy, so the bricks weren’t even the same size… and to call them bricks was an overstatement… they were super thin. It also didn’t look like the various sizes of the magnets was intentional either because the scoring lines were sometimes wider at one end than the other.

Seriously, these things were useless. I played with them for a few minutes and then put them away, likely to sit in a drawer for the next several years.

So, here is what I found recently and I totally want a set. Not only does the video and pictures give a much more accurate view of what I’ll truly be getting, compared to that tiny little picture in the back of Boys Life, but I see this as magnet redemption.


So, I’m adding a set of BuckyBalls to my wish list (I know, it was quite the introduction to this item, but I felt it was a story worth telling).

Here’s a cool video of BuckyBalls in action. You totally want a set too, don’t you?