The Swimming Hole Challenge

June 22, 2009

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Sara and I love to travel and experience new things, even if those new things seem trivial to others. However, we do like to take advantage of where we live. Not that we’ve done so on purpose, but in the ten year we’ve been married, we’ve lived in four differnt cities in three differnt states (more if you count our six month stint in Georgia). So the thing we’ve learned is that we have to take advantage of seeing everything there is around us while we’re there. Otherwise, we may regreat never having seen ________ or not having visited ________. Personally, I’d be real happy to stay put for now. I love what I’m doing at Gateway and we love where we live. Plus, there are enough things to do around her to keep us buys for a decade.

So, in addition to our BBQ challenge, we’re taking on the Swimming Hole Challenge as well.

One thing we noticed since living in central Texas is that people around here love their swimming holes. More than any other place I’ve ever seen, these people love their rivers, lakes and stream. I guess it’s making up for the fact that Texas doesn’t have the best beaches. I was first exposed to this when we moved here and we saw Barton Creek in Zilker Park. Just south of downtown is a HUGE, beautiful spring fed swimming hole that people swim in year round (the temperature of the water is 68 degrees year round). Then we started to hear about all the people who tube down the Guadalupe or swim in the Frio. Then last summer Texas Monthy, the same magazine that ran the BBQ competition, had an article about the best spots to swim in Texas. Most of these swimming holes are close to where we live, so Sara and I (Titus too) are going to plunge in to all that we can.

Below is the list from Texas Monthy:

  1. Barton Springs – Austin.
  2. Blue Hole – Wimberly
  3. Brinks Crossing – Cedar Point
  4. Balmorhea State Park – Toyhavale
  5. Hamilton Pool – Travis County
  6. Garner State Park – Uvalde County
  7. Schlitterbahn West – New Braunfels
  8. Deep Eddy Pool – Austin
  9. Medina River – Near Bandera
  10. Fort Clark Springs – Bracketville
  11. Krause Springs – Spicewood
  12. Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area – Ratcliff
  13. City Tube Chute – New Braunfels
  14. Lake Raven – Huntsville
  15. Utopia City Park – Utopia
  16. Burger’s Lake – Fort Worth
  17. The Quince – Camp Wood
  18. The Slab – Kingsland
  19. Cypress Bend Park – New Braunfels
  20. Lake Fryer at Wolf Creek Park – Perryton
  21. Rio Vista Park – San Marcos
  22. Hunt Crossing – Hunt
  23. Village Creek State Park – Lumberton
  24. Blanco State Park – Blanco
  25. Hancock Springs Pool – Lampasas

In addition to this list, I found another list of top swimming spots. I won’t include repeats from the previous list:

  1. Lake Whitney
  2. Pedernales Falls
  3. Mustang Island State Park
  4. Guadalupe River State Park
  5. Colorado Bend State Park

There you have it. That’s 30 swimming holes. There are a few that may be a little futher out of our way and aren’t as high of a priority. However, we’re going to hit as many of these as we can. We’ve already been to Hamilton Pool and we anticipate going there again soon. Between our busy schedules and all, I assume that this will take us 2-3 years to complete. So, if you’re in the area, you like to swim and are up for a bit of adventure – let us know and we’ll put it on the schedule!

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5 Responses to “The Swimming Hole Challenge”

  1. Karin Says:

    This list is fantastic! I wish The Williams Hole could make the list. =)


  2. jonathan Says:

    This pains me to read…


  3. Starr Says:

    I feel quite certain none of those places are anywhere near Lubbock or West Texas in general…but be sure to come visit if you get anywhere close!



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