May 25, 2007


Well, it was time for a new website. I’ve had live for close to 4 years now. It’s never been a great site, most of it under construction with no immediate plans for finishing it. I’m just not a web developer and the prospect of building and maintianing a website doesn’t interest me. However, just over a year ago I added a blog to and it was a good move as it made it easy to log interesting events and travel experiences. The only real problem I’ve had since then is the lack of really interesting things to write about. However, now that Sara and I have a little one on the way we shouldn’t have any reason not to write stuff (except for sleep deprivation). That led me to remove the site entirely and make just a blog. Using wordpress and other web 2.0 tools, should be better than ever. With what technology allows me to do now, I don’t see why should ever be a traditional website again.

 So, stay tuned for news and update from the ever expanding Conley family!

Our old blog is still around and can be accessed here.


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