Two dogs and a baby.

May 25, 2007

Family, Titus

Well, a lot is happening in the Conly family right now. A LOT! We just finished a string of parenting classes, birthing classes and a breast feeding class. As a result, Titus decided that he is about done. Contractions have begun, he’s gotten in position and the day is almost upon us.

About two years ago, we decided to take matters into our own hands and add to our family (not the Abraham and Sarah way). We bought a Chocolate Lab and named her Francie. Francie is a beautiful and wonderful dog. I never realized that I could love an animal as much as I do Francie. Actually, when I bough Francie from her breeder I also picked up her sister who was purchased as a gift for someone who worked at my church. She was named Lexi. For over a year, Francie and Lexi grew up together as we both brought our dogs to the church most days. They shared and office (ha! no really, they did!). After we merged our church with Cross Timbers, Lexi’s owner resigned and Francie and Lexi haven’t seen each other since.

Then about a week ago, I got a phone call. Lexi’s owner is moving and she wanted to know if we wanted Lexi. I can’t say that we ever really wanted two dogs, especially 60 pound labs, but they’re sisters… what else could you do. So, now it’s been 3 days and Francie and Lexi are soooo happy. The first night they barely went to sleep. They would take 10 minute naps between repeated play times. We’re open to finding a loving home for Lexi, but we’re starting to get attached (Sara more than I thought she would). So, we added to our family another dog just before we add to our family with a new human.

Speaking of adding humans, Titus is doing well and looks great. She is just slightly dialated, but 50% effaced. The Dr. didn’t expect her to go into labor this weekend. However, the Dr. was concerned that Sara’s blood pressure was too high. He’s asked her to keep off her feet all weekend. If her blood pressure doesn’t go down by her appointment on Tuesday, he is likely to enduce the delivery. So, we may be looking at a baby in a week’s time… WOW!

We’ll keep everyone posted through this site if Sara goes into labor, if her blood pressure goes down or if we decide to pick up any new animals!


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