Approaching Week 39

June 2, 2007

Family, Titus

Although I’ve gotten worse in recent years, I’ve always tried to be a very timely person. Actually, I always made a point to be a little early. I would have expected the the same of my son. I guess he still has a week to follow the example I’ve set. If we were having a daughter, then maybe I wouldn’t have my expectations so high of being timely…. (I’m probably going to hear it for that one).

I’m very excited and I’m really just fine with him coming when he decides to come. Since we’ve had our share of pregnancy issues, we were really just counting the weeks until Titus would be safe to be born. I guess after waiting like that from week to week and now getting “there,” where just excited to meet this little miracle!

So, as I said last, things have slowed down a bit. Since Sara’s blood pressure had gone up, she’s been on the couch and with her on the couch the slower things have progressed. Since things went well at with the doctor this week, she was given a little more freedom. So on Friday, we went to Rooms To Go and Ikea to look as some new furniture for my office. I think that really wore her out… and Titus too. As a result, contractions started up again a little. So, we’ll see how things progress from here. Sara will come to church tomorrow for about an hour and a half. We’ll let you know how the appointment goes on Tuesday.

Our bags are packed, Titus’ bag is packed… we’re ready!


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One Response to “Approaching Week 39”

  1. Nene Says:

    Well, I can hardly wait! Soon the little guy will be here! I hope you send lots of pictures as there are a bunch of people here waiting to see our little man! Love you ALL, Nene


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