Titus and the dogs

June 13, 2007

Family, Francie, Titus

Oh, by the way… we’re home now! Woo hoo! Not too bad. Less than 48 hours from when this all started and we’re back in the comfort of our own home again. I think I’m really going to miss the chair I got to sleep in. Sara imagined that it was made by a woman… one who wanted the men to feel just a little discomfort to make up for the huge discomfort… er, pain, that women have to go through.

It was so fun putting him in his little car seat, adjusting everything. He really seemded to like it, probably becasue he was asleep the whole time.

 When we got home, I got Sara set up to feed Titus again. I then went to go check on the dogs. I sent them outside, one at a time so they didn’t get too terribly excited. “Excited about Titus?” you may ask. No, if you don’t know Francie or Lexi (two 70 pound chocolate labs), they get excited about breathing… hence, they are always excited. When we get home or fill their food bowls, well then they just go plain nuts. I didn’t want nuts happening in my living room while Titus was feeding, so I sent them outside one at a time.

Once they were out of the crate, it went to go check on Titus’s hat. Last night I came home and put his little hat in their crate so they could get used to his scent. They didn’t seem to interested when I first introduced the hat, so I wanted to see what they thought after a good 12 hours or so.

Take a look at this:

Yes, this used to be an infant hat.

Either they got really hungry, they really like Titus a lot, or one of my dogs wants to eat my Titus. I’ll be keeping a real close eye on these dogs. Honestly, I’ll be really upset if one of the dogs is snacking on Titus.


(Okay, for any of you who may be shocked or horrifed at the thought of my dog snacking on Titus, rest assured that Francie and Lexi are the most lovable and sweetest dogs you’d ever meet… and we don’t have any intention of having Titus available for snacking purposes either… we know better than that)

Aren’t mommy and son so beautiful?


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9 Responses to “Titus and the dogs”

  1. Nene Says:

    Honestly, you should just keep Sara pregnant all the time – She positively glows! How beautiful your family is! Love you all, Nene


  2. Mom Says:

    Francie, I am so disappointed in the hat. After smelling Titus’s scent your were supposed to treasure the hat. I am crushed and deeply deeply disappointed. Maybe Lexie was just a bad influence on you, or maybe Lexie did it!

    I do not think I have ever seen as beautiful picture as the one of Sara and Titus on the sofa. Took my breath away.

    Love you guys – so glad you’re home



  3. Gil&Revi Says:

    We are very happy to see that everyone are ok and beautiful.

    Mazal Tov to the growing family,

    Much Love
    Gili & Revital


  4. Gil&Revi Says:

    Very happy to see momy and baby feeling good and happy.

    much love,

    Gili & Revital


  5. Dad & Mom R Says:

    This is wonderful getting to hear what’s happening and see pictures too! Titus is quite a cute little guy! He looks so alert already. Hope you have a good night tonight, but don’t count on it! Glad to hear that Robin and David visited last night and that you made it home today.

    Mom and Dad R


  6. Kenny Says:

    Hmmm, barefoot and pregnant, I don’t know how Sara will feel about this.


  7. Angelagarcia Says:

    Your wife looks AMAZING!!!!!!


  8. Nancy and Gene Hintz Says:

    Hello Sara & Kenny, Thank you for sharing your news and the pictures of your new little son. Kenny, Titus is you made over in the pictures so far. We are glad he is hear and that all went so well for all of you. We pray you get the sleep you need and can enjoy every moment of this new experience of being parents.
    May God Bless as you lead this little one.

    Nancy & Gene Hintz


  9. Robbie Says:


    There is NOTHING more amazing as the wonderous work of our Father than a BABY! Especially a boy! HEHEHE! I’m partial…..all I have are boys.

    I’m soooooo happy for you!

    Be blessed and take it ALL in!

    Robbie Page


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