Our big boy!

July 7, 2007

Family, Titus

Yes, I knowh. I’m sorry you haven’t gotten fresh and updated pictures. Unfortunately everyone has missed soooo much. Titus has grown so much. Actually just a few days after my last post, Titus spoke his first words. We’ve been so busy with him we’re just so amazed. Now he’s doing long division and is almost fluent in Latin… man, is this normal?

Okay, maybe I’ve exagerated just a little. But he is growing. I’ll try to get everyone up to date as well as post some new pictures here. In the past three weeks, the Conley’s have been very busy. My parents came in, I had Venture Quest (VBS), Sara’s family came in for a quick visit and then I took several days off, which made it perfect that I was hit with a good old summer cold to really enjoy my time off.

So, now that things are slowing down for a little over a week (I’ll be leaving for Mexico on July 17), I figured I’d get caught up again.

I guess I left things off just before Father’s Day. I had a great one. It was a busy day at church, but Sara and Titus took me out to TGI Friday’s for dinner. It was great. We planned it just right so that we could make it and enjoy a nice dinner while Titus was sleeping. Even with our best planning, it almost didn’t happen. We had Titus home for about 5 days and we thought we really knew his schedule already.

On Wednesday, my parents drove in from Georgia. We planned their visit so that they would be here while I had Venture Quest. It was the largest Venture Quest I had ever pulled off (over 900 kids), so it was a true blessing to have Mom and Dad there. I’d leave around 9:00 am every day and wouldn’t get home until just after 10:00 pm.

After my mom and dad left, Sara’s family all drove in via RV. We were their last stop on their monster, 2 week RV trip. They spent two nights before heading back to Colorado Springs. It was a great visit for everyone.

Finally, I took some time off since I had been working myself so hard the last several weeks. I think I was about one day too late in taking time off, becasue my body decided to force itself into a litte rest by coming down with a summer cold. So, for the last 4 days, I’ve been sitting on the couch all day reading, watching movies, and sleeping. Even though I’ve been a little sick, I’ve actually really enjoyed my time.

Oh, and for Titus… He’s doing so great. Our little giant is doing so well. We’ve been on a little bit of a journey with this guy. The doctor was initially concerned about his weight on our first visit and we eventually discovered that he is a lazy feeder. So, we started supplementing feedings with formula and we immediately began seeing weight gain. After a week of this, it looks like most of his food intake will be formula. We’re a little bummed, but we’re just glad he’s healthy and growing. Of all things that could possibly be wrong, this is so minor for us.

He’s sleeping so well. We feed him about every 3 hours. We’ve got a little routine working pretty well most of the time. We feed him, let him be awake for a little while and then we put him down 90 minutes before his next feeding. This works out to be a good 3 hour schedule. Then at about midnigh, we feed him and put him down and he tends to sleep for about 4 hours. He’ll feed again and then sleep for another 4 hours. So, he’s been pretty good to us as far as that is concerned.

At his last appointment, he had gained about a pound (since his first doctor’s appointment), he had grown an inch (22 inches) and his head was 14 cm. He was in the 50th percentile for weitgh and 70th percentile for height. Way to go Titus.

Below are pictures. I’ll try to be a little better about keeping this more up to date.




We took these pictures on Father’s Day. He’s posing on the yellow ducky Nanna and Pops gave him. I absolutley love his facial expressions.


Here’s Titus with his Pops. Pops was soooo great with his grandson. Pops had the ability to bring Titus to big happy smiles (little did he know that his smiles were merely the by product of active pooping).


This was Friday, June 29th. I had just survived Venture Quest, hence the stupid look on my face. I was still half asleep. The third picture here is three generations of Conley men.


With the RV came Grandparents, and Aunt, and Uncle and a bunch of cousins for Titus to meet.


I just had too take a picture of this. This is his sleep pose. He works so hard to get one arm out of his bundle and sleep with this out like this. I actually sleep the same way, but on my stomach. Except I sleep longer than 3 hours at a time and I usually don’t cry when I wake up…. unless it’s Monday.


I didn’t know Titus had any sleep pants, so I thought I’d get some pics. He’s got sleep pants just like his daddy, except mine don’t have footies. What a cute kid.


Doesn’t she look great. Just 3 weeks after having Titus… Sara is looking good!


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2 Responses to “Our big boy!”

  1. Nene Says:

    Well, that’s more like it! Titus is absolutely wonderful – looks just like his daddy! Sorry mom, can’t see him looking too much like you – but you look fabulous! So happy for you all. Keep those pictures coming! Love to you, Nene


  2. mcox Says:

    I have to agree that “mom” looks FABULOUS!!!!
    I have to giggle at all the pics and wonderful comments. I’d “never” guess that you were happy and proud parents!!!! (yeah right) I’m thrilled to hear how great things are going. Keep us posted!
    Melissa C.


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