November 11, 2007

Family, Sara

img_1976-blog.jpgIt’s official. Our house is on the market. When is shows up on, I’ll post the link. We really like our realtor and we hope this puppy’s going to sell fast. It’s a great house, so if you know anyone who wants to live in a great house in Keller,  come on down!

Actually, Sara was very funny tonight! She was putting Titus to bed and looked out the window. She saw someone in the street picking a sales sheet off our neighbor’s house (they put their house on the market the same day as us). Sara darted down the stairs yelling, “I’m going to sell our house!”

She stopped the people in the street (the hadn’t seen that our house was for sale). She asked them if they were looking to buy. They told Sara that they really loved the look of the house from the curb and that they were looking for a house right at our size with our features. They asked how much we were selling it for and they said that it was right in their range as well. Sara invited them in, but they said they’d come back this week with their realtor. Ha! Way to go Sara!


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