Update on this week

November 15, 2007

Kenny, Sara

I can’t remember who I’ve told, so I’m putting it out here on the blog. This week I had two job interviews. One was a 3 hour interview with a ministry search firm. The second interview was my 3rd interview with another church. I’m excited about the prospects.

In addition, our house went on the market last week. It actually didn’t go on MLS until this week. Here’ is a link. If you know anyone who wants to buy it, send them our way. We actually had a showing today and another person has contacted our realtor and wants to see our house tomorrow or over the weekend. Cool, huh? We’re praying it sells really fast. That would take a lot of the pressure off in an amazing way.We’ll keep you posted.


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One Response to “Update on this week”

  1. Josh Suiter Says:

    Thanks for the update on the job search. We will keep praying!!


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