Georgia Update

November 21, 2007


Sorry I have not put up an update. It’s been a whirlwind of a trip to South Georgia. The flight here went pretty well… I’ll tell more about it another day. We arrived in Jacksonville, FL a little after midnight and finally got to bed sometime around 4:00 AM. Titus was off schedule a little, but not too much.


We kept ourselves busy with visits to the hospital, errands and seeing family members. It’s always great to see family and friends… it just stinks when it’s under these circumstances.


Titus and I got up early this morning (5:30 AM) to head back to Jacksonville. We stopped by the hospital before leaving. My grandmother wasn’t doing as well. Her breathing is much more labored and fluid is on her lungs.


We left for the airport and about half way there, we get a call. The doctor came to see Mama and he said that she won’t make it through the day. So, we’re headed back to be with her these last few hours. What a treat it is to be with her a little longer.


We’re all doing very well. This kind of thing is really tough, but she’s ready to meet Jesus and what a blessing it is to know that. Pray especially for my mom as this is hard for her, she’s very close. Also my great-aunt is here… pray for her.


Thank you everyone for your prayers.


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2 Responses to “Georgia Update”

  1. JD Stevens Says:

    You and your family have been on our minds this past week. Know that we will be praying for God’s will in this time. I hope you all are doing OK and I pray for you safe return.


  2. Nene Says:

    Kenny: Please know that you are in my prayers. Also please tell your mom I’m thinking of her as well. My mom passed away in March of this year and it’s really hard to go through losing a parent. Only God can sustain! Love you all so much, Nene


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