The amazing iPod Touch

January 5, 2008

Family, Kenny

ipod-touch I wasn’t expecting much this Christmas. Sara and I were planning on a very low-key Christmas (actually most of them are anyway). Sara gave me a really cool game called Puerto Rico (ranked number one board game at I’m really excited to play my first game. I’ve been planning to take whatever money I got from Christmas to save up for something like a Nintendo Wii, DS Light or even a new iPod Touch.

My brother Gene was in town for Christmas and the day after he had a lot of shopping to do. He lives in London where everything is incredibly expensive. So when he’s here, he buys all the stuff he can fit into his suitcase. He’s had a little 2 Gb iPod nano that he’s enjoyed for the last 2 or 3 years and he was ready to upgrade. A few months ago at the Southlake, TX Apple Store I played around with the iPod touch and I fell in love. This thing is so cool. Although the iPhone is really cool, I just couldn’t see spending that kind of money on this device. However, the iPod Touch will be my next iPod. My plan was to wait for the 2nd generation touch as it would probably be a little better and it would give me time to save up.

So, this is what I was pushing for my brother to buy. At SAM’s club I tried to convince him but wasn’t sure how convincing I was. After SAM’s I came back home while Gene shopped for clothes and other things. Later that night he came home sporting his new 16 Gb iPod Touch. I was so excited for him. He was having problems with the computer recognizing his iPod, so he asked me to come and look at it. I picked it up off the chair which uncovered another iPod sitting under it. Ha! Man was I surprised! Thanks Gene, I love my iPod!

It’s a great little device. The new interface is so easy to use and simply beautiful. It’s very thin and lightweight. The really cool part is the wifi browsing of the Internet and they way it interfaces with the Internet. It’s simply beautiful. The only negatives… memory size and battery life. I had a 60Gb iPod. Although I didn’t use all 60Gb, I do use more than 16Gb. I’ve just had to rearrange my media so it would all fit. It seems like browsing the web or watching video sucks the battery life super fast. I’d be surprised if I could get a full 2 hours out of it. Those things will get better with newer versions… but I’m lovin’ mine!


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  1. geneconley Says:

    Glad you like it! I am enjoying mine too, although haven’t used it too much yet as i keep falling asleep in my commute to and from work every day.


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