Officially homeless and we’re okay with it!!!

February 24, 2008


Don’t get the impression that we like it and plan to stay this way for good, but we are officially out of our house. After having several friends move all of our big stuff into a storage unit, it took us another week to get all the little stuff out of the house (I’m telling you, the little stuff is the worst). What made it harder is that we had a flexible timeline and we were still living in the house for another week. What made our timeline flexible is that closing had been pushed back to "sometime" the next week and I had the opportunity to visit and interview (informally) at a church just a few hours away. So we camped out on our living room floor with two twin bed mattresses and a pack and play for Titus. We’d pack a little every days making sure to take time to hang out with my friends.

Now we’re back in GA and our house is officially empty. The buyers have signed all the paperwork and I’ve got it sitting in front of me to sign. So, by Tuesday the sale should be official and we’ll be without a home. We’re so thankful our house sold as quickly as it did!

For the time being, we’re still hanging with my mom and dad. Right now all we do at the house is eat dinner and sleep, the rest of the time we’re working at the tax business. Sara’s been spending most of the time each day cleaning up my grandmothers house. When tax season is over, my mom will probably go through things and then put the house on the market. If for some reason we need to stay in Valdosta any longer, we’ll move into my grandmother’s house. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity open up before tax season is over though.

So for now, we’re all good. Please keep praying for us though. God has been very good to us through this time. However, we’re definitely ready to be done with "transition," settle into something a little more normal and get back to what we do best.


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