Boudreaux’s Butt Paste: Part Deux

February 26, 2008

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buttpaste Okay, here I go again with this post (I’ll explain what I mean later this week about why this is part deux). The timing of a post like this is delicate. For most, this post is mere silliness. When I’m posting on a regular basis, a post like this fits nicely to break up the serious posts. However, if this post goes out alone when updates have been far and few between… then that’s a recipe for disaster. I’ll get irate emails from people asking, “Are you serious? Is this all you have to say? Is there nothing more important going on in the lives of Kenny and Sara (even Titus) that you have to write about this. For goodness sake, don’t waste my time with such stupidity. Just stick another picture of Titus up there and that’s better than this garbage.” Okay, maybe that was a little more harsh than any of you would actually be. So, since I’ve posted a little more in the last few days, I thought I’d sneak this one back in the lineup.

Just before Sara and I flew to Las Vegas for a job interview, I ran some errands. Sara was feeling totally overwhelmed with all that needed to be done. I (being the gracious and benevolent husband that I am) offered to run some of the errands for her. I was tasked with getting some of the individual packs of formula, baby sun block in a 4 oz. tube and diaper rash cream in a 4 oz. tube. “Why 4 oz. tube” you may ask? In case you haven’t flown in the last year or two, you can no longer take any liquids, gels or pastes through security unless it is in a 4 oz. container or less.

To be honest, I’ve never personally bought baby sun block or diaper rash cream so trying to locate these items in 4 oz. containers presented a formidable challenge. So, I went to my favorite store (yes, this really is my favorite store in the word… except during the holidays when I hate being that close to so many people) and actually found both items. Interestingly enough, there were multiple choices on the diaper rash in the 4 oz. size. Amazing! How would I ever choose which one to get as I’ve not been trained in this area. I called Sara and while waiting for her to answer I found exactly the product I would buy. I checked to make sure it was actually the stuff I needed. You know, even if the stuff wasn’t really diaper rash but merely a product joke filled with whipped cream, I still would have bought it. How could you honestly resist buying a product with this name. Even the little cartoon baby is calling out for you to make the purchase.

So, if you’re in the market for diaper rash cream, I’ve got the product for you! Don’t live in the south? Don’t you worry. You can get it from Amazon right here (if Amazon was actually a physical store, it would probably outrank Wal-Mart as my favorite)! Need more than 4 ounces? Don’t you worry, you can by this stuff by the pound… no joke!

Oh, and so I didn’t totally waste your time with this silly post, here is a picture of Titus!

IMG_2379 [Blog]


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One Response to “Boudreaux’s Butt Paste: Part Deux”

  1. nene Says:

    Lord, please give this guy a job – quick! He is suffering from SOMETHING even butt paste can’t fix! Titus, I’m so sorry buddy! You are in for a wild ride! If it gets too rough, you just come to Nene’s house. I promise I won’t lather you up with Butt Paste!


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