Some Texas buddies

March 3, 2008


Capture2-27-2008-12.36.52 AM In case you’re wondering how I’m picking the order of my blogs, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I like to take my camera everywhere and when I see something worth capturing, then I snap a picture. If it’s “bloggable,” I’m certain to get it. So, lately I’ve been going through my camera and finding pictures that I took that I haven’t yet uploaded. So, if you see a blog about something that happened two months ago, that is why. Hold on though, I’ve got some pictures from several years ago that I’ll be blogging soon… they’re just too good not to post!

Oh, back to this blog!!!!

On February 8th I celebrated my 31st birthday. Unfortunately for me I spent the first half of the day traveling, sick with a cold and the last half of the day packing. Two days later I got to celebrate my birthday with some of my best friends in Texas. It was a reprise of my 30th birthday… a party at my favorite Mexican joint “Mi Pueblo!”

Here are some pics of my friends. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures with everyone who came.

IMG_2428 [Blog] IMG_2430 [Blog] IMG_2431 [Blog]


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