Sara’s Facebook foibles

March 13, 2008


logo_facebook-rgb-7inch Sara had something really funny happen this week. I was up late reading and Sara was working on getting posts on her web site. At about 3:00 AM I woke up, picked the up the book that had fallen out of my hands and wiped the drool off my face. It was time to get in bed. Sara; however, was still typing away. Little did I know that Sara was starting a facebook account. I had a myspace account when that was big and opened a facebook account last year. Finally Sara decided it was time for her to connect with friends on her own account.

When I got up the next morning, she said to me “I think I made a big mistake.” She explained to me how she had set up a facebook account and used their “friend finder” to locate people you know on facebook. Basically you type in your email and password and facebook will search all your contacts to see if they are in their system. You can then send a friend request to all of them. Interestingly, gmail considers anyone you’ve ever emailed a contact. So, when it searched Sara’s account, it pulled up all those people. You have the option to select those who are already on facebook to invite to become friends or even to send an email to those who aren’t on facebook and invite them to join facebook and then be friends. You can also select which of these friends you want to contact. Obviously, you aren’t going to invite every person you have ever emailed to be your facebook friend. Right? Wrong. Sara did! She got confused at this point and invited everyone.

Interestingly, people Sara didn’t even know were becoming her facebook friends. She had to go through her email, find the email she sent to them (even if it was years ago) and figure out who it was. So funny! Anyway, it worked. She’s already on her way to passing me up in facebook friends.


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3 Responses to “Sara’s Facebook foibles”

  1. nene Says:

    ADam came out of his room and said, “Guess what?! I’m now Mrs. Sara’s friend on Facebook! He was honored! Funny, I didn’t get invited to be a Facebook friend! I’m hurt. . .


  2. Sara Says:

    Just thought I would clarify…thankfully gmail did limit my all-inclusive invite to those who have facebook accounts…so Nene, sign up for an account and I’m sure in no time you’ll pass up all of us with friends!


  3. Kenny Says:

    I don’t doubt it . Nene’s more connected than the phone company!


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