My new blog turns 1!

May 25, 2008

Family, Kenny, Sara, Titus

I starting blogging initially over two years ago when Sara and I went to Dubai to visit my brother. I was not super consistent blog. However, I reinvented the blog shortly before Titus was born. The first post on the new blog was exactly one year ago. Here are some interesting factiods:

  •  693 Different people have visited this blog.
  • 9919 Pages have been viewed. We had the most page views on the day Titus was born (1053. That is over 1/10 of all page views happening in 24 hours. With that kind of traffic, I should have renamed the blog,
  • The most popular page viewed was this one. (180 Times)
  • The most common word/phrase googled that brings people to our site is “jan whittenberg.” Nene, who knew so many people were looking for you! We had 83 come to our site because of you.
  • Nene posted the most comments by far (50 exactly).
  • 124 Post, 186 comments.
  • 21 Countries (Actually 3 visits from Senegal… I don’t event know where Senegal is)
  • Texas had the most visitors (1395). Of course many of those were me posting and checking on posts. But since Texas is the biggest and greatest state, this is only natural.
  • Georgia came in second with 426 visits (most of them probably my mom) and Indiana in third with 343 (most of them probably being Nene)

So, this has been fun. Don’t worry, we’re keeing it up. I’ve got dozens of posts in my head… stuff I still haven’t written about our travels around the South during our many trips from GA to TX and back. Oh, and our two days in Savannah. Who knows, whenever we get around to kid #2, we’ll see if we don’t generate more than a measly 1053 page views for that birth.


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One Response to “My new blog turns 1!”

  1. nene Says:

    Uh, excuse me!?! Perhaps you have not gotten the hint yet – Nene is a very popular lady – especially when she tells everyone to go see new pictures of her boy! Forget Savannah – just keep the pictures coming! And, by the way – is #2 on the way or just being talked about? Titus needs a playmate – especially one who doesn’t cover him with fur balls! I love you guys!

    PS – Mo and Russell visited today and they are expecting #1 in October! She is just beaming!


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