The Long Awaited Day Is Here

June 29, 2008


Hey Friends! This is Sara posing as Kenny. Yep, I so rarely add my own 2 cents over here that I forgot my own password.

We had a big change in our marriage recently. Kenny learned to share. Well, that’s not really a fair statement. He’s always shared many things with me. However, he never shared the camera.

Please remember, we got married when I was very young. I did not have my own camera growing up, and I was always content for Kenny to photojournal our life. A few years ago he asked me to take his picture on vacation, and I had to ask a million questions about it.

“Don’t you know how to use a camera?” he asked.

“Um. Kenny. No.” I replied. “You’re kind of a camera hog.”

“Guilty as charged,” he admitted.

Well, Dixie Gypsy has changed that. I want my own pictures now. And since I now have control of the camera at times, and since I need practice learning to take pics, we’re starting to collect a million new pics of Titus.

SO the LONG WAIT for all you Titus fans is over. Here are some new pics. Enjoy!


Titus and his new truck.


Working on a smile…


Aah…there it is.


Prepping for his future GQ spread.


Fun at the pool.


“This is the life.”


My personal favorite.


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4 Responses to “The Long Awaited Day Is Here”

  1. Angela Says:

    Good for you Sara to take control of the camera. Now I know how to take the pictures myself but posting them or loading them on the computer is another story.
    Titus is getting so big, as even Sierra noticed when walking by me viewing the adorable pics.
    Hope you all are having a wonderful summer.


  2. Rob Jones Says:

    All of us own more than one camera, we all have a regular point and shoot camera as well as camera phones. So we have pics coming from everywhere.

    My only tip to those who don’t really know how to take photograph and rely on the camera to figure out the light balance and focus and son is to use the Shotgun approach.

    The Shotgun approach means you need to take 3 pictures of every situation to get one picture that’s well lit and in focus. Always plan on deleting 2 of the three images due to low light and out of focus.

    Nothing is more disappointing than to take one picture and later realize it’s not even in focus.


  3. Mom Says:

    Oh what a cutie pie!! He has changed so much since he left Valdosta!!! We miss hime so so so much!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Nene Says:

    Well, all I can say is. . . “There IS a God and He does FINALLY answer prayer.” Sara, you go girl! Grab that camera and hide it! Don’t give it back – make Kenny beg for it! He deserves it for starving all of us in the Titus Conley Fan Club. He will pay – dearly! In the meantime, just keep those pictures coming. . .and coming! We just can’t get enough! Walking????? Is he yet??? Be sure to get those first steps on camera!

    Oh, and by the way! Forget Rob’s advice – he’s just OCD! We’ll take in focus – out of focus – sideways – upside down! Just get our boy on camera! Love you all, Nene


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