First Birthday for Titus

July 22, 2008

Family, Friends, Titus

Hey, you don’t have to have a camera to blog. It helps when you have uploaded videos that you have forgotten to post… oh, and it helps to have a little video recording device too. So here you go!

I truly think that babies get the shaft when it comes to birthdays. Well, maybe it’s just my baby. Titus celebrated his first birthday on June 11th. What did we do? Chick-fil-a! Woo hoo!

Who wouldn’t want to do Chick-fil-a for thier birthday? I was at camp all week and left early so I could get to Austin in time to celebrate. Since we were still pretty new, we were a little short on the friends list (it’s starting to grow a little now). So, we invited my boss and his wife (no, it’s not as pathetic as that sounds… we really like them a lot). Titus had some presents to open and some cake to eat. Welcome to the world of sugar my son!

Birthday Cake from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

Birthday Cake 2 from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.


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One Response to “First Birthday for Titus”

  1. Kat Says:

    Strangely enough, this was experience last year for my birthday.


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