Where should I go on vacation!

July 25, 2008


When Sara and I got married we went on a 5 day honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico. We relaxed, we explored, we had adventures. However, that was nine year ago and we haven’t had a vacation like that since. We do go on vacation or trips every year, but most of the time it is visiting family. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our family and visiting with them is top priority. However, we NEED a serious vacation. Just the two of us. Away. So we can relax, explore and have adventures.

Two springs ago I switched my credit card over to a rewards card and then that summer I spent a ridiculous amount of money for church expenses. I personally financed (well, kind of… I was reimbursed every penny) a VBS for over 1000 kids and bought plane tickets for over 40 people to fly from DFW to Los Angeles. The result? Lots and lots of points on my credit card. Last fall Sara and I began talking about going on a vacation the following Spring with all the points we had accumulated. Since I was let go just a few months later and securing a job was higher priority than vacation planning, our trip was set aside.

Then just a few weeks ago we started talking seriously again about where we wanted to go. We figured it would be a late summer, early fall trip. Our anniversary was last week and out outdoor plans ended up getting rained out. So we went to a local bookstore and began planning our vacation. We had about 12 possible locations/trips and at the end of two hours we had it narrowed down to three and they are three good ones. Below are pictures of the three possible vacation locations. I think Sara and I have pretty much picked out where we are going to go, but just for fun, which one looks like your perfect vacation spot? Bonus points if you can name the locations!

Location One

450px-Zion_National_Park_near_Observation_Point_2005_08_21 BryceCanyonUtah-2-500

Location Two

Img_3110_Hwy1_465 1006030

Location Three

banff-pic banffsprings

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3 Responses to “Where should I go on vacation!”

  1. Katie Says:

    #1 looks like the Grand Canyon; #2 California?; #3 I know for sure is the Canadian Rockies near Banff, Alberta-the first picture is Peyto Lake…We’ve been there and it is a trip well worth it. Will you take Titus or leave him home?

    Have a wonderful vacation!


  2. Kristi Says:

    Banff! I was able to go about 15 years ago and would love to go back sometime soon. It is gorgeous!


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