The Banff Chronicles: Our rental car

October 7, 2008


One of the few expenses not covered by travel vouchers or reward points was the rental car. I spent several hours looking for ways that I could save money or get a great deal. I didn’t find any. However, I do feel that I got a good deal, just not a big break.

The one tip I did learn was that if you’re getting a rental car mid-week, always get the economy car. Why? Because they are usually the first to go earlier in the week as business travelers snatch them up. All that’s left are the upgraded cars that. This way you get an upgraded car at the economy price. It worked for us. I got an economy car for $17 a day. When I arrived at the lot, it was Ford Excursion (is that what it is called?) SUV. If felt a little better about myself going into the untamed Rockies with my SUV instead a one of those two-cylinder economy cars.

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