The Banff Chronicles: Grocery shopping

October 14, 2008


Being budget travelers, we picked a hotel that had a refrigerator. This way we could buy breakfast, lunch and snacks to have in our room and save money for eating out for dinner. It was a good plan. We figured that we’d find a grocery store on our way out of Calgary. Who knows, maybe we’d even see a Super Wal-Mart.

Since we left the Calgary airport pretty close to rush hour, we decided just to focus on getting out of town. We didn’t see any Wal-Marts, but it seemed like the only grocery store we recognized was Safeway. There is actually a Safeway in Canmore, which is the last town you’ll pass through before entering Banff National Park. However, there is also a Safeway right in the middle of Banff on the East side of the downtown area.

If you’re in Banff and plan to do some serious hiking, then I totally recommend buying some groceries and packing lunches. After hiking up a mountain for several hours, nothing (and I mean nothing) tastes better than a home-made sandwich!

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