Titus the Turtle

November 10, 2008

Family, Friends, Titus


Last week Titus experienced his second Halloween. Last year we bought him a hot dog costume which he only wore for about 10 minutes. This year Titus was loaned a costume and he got to be a turtle. Surprisingly, he wore his costume for a few hours. Oh, but he refused to wear the part of the costume that went over his head. We were invited over to a friends house for a party for the first part of the night and trick or treating afterwards. It was a fun night.


Not a happy kid. That’s okay Titus, I don’t like hats either!


What’s cooler than a turtle? A turtle in a truck!


Titus enjoyed a Halloween wagon ride.


We did stop at one house with our nifty plastic bag for family. After this house, Titus spent the rest of the time in the wagon.


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3 Responses to “Titus the Turtle”

  1. shelby Says:

    That is the cutest turtle I have ever seen!


  2. Joel Hayslip Says:

    Very cute! There is a distinct difference between “hat Titus” and “no-hat” Titus.
    In the wagon, it looks like he’s got his arm around his invisible ‘turtle babe’. Just practicin his moves…


  3. Nene Says:

    Yeah! Nene is such a happy camper! I finally have some pictures of our boy! And, pictures of mom and dad as well! This is a good day! And, yep, he really is the cutest turtle I’ve ever seen! Love to you all!


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