I hate Blockbuster

November 14, 2008

Kenny, Random Thoughts

The title really says it all.

I subscribe to Netflix. Mostly because I hate Blockbuster. So, Sara and I sat down to watch a DVD last night (I’m not telling you which one because you’ll totally make fun of me). It was not a stellar movie by any means, but we were enjoying it. Then at about half way through, the movie started skipping. I cleaned the DVD and it still didn’t work. I even tried to play it in my computer. It had bad sectors. It was 11:15. We totally wanted to finish the movie. I didn’t want to have to send the movie back and wait for them to send a new one. We wanted it NOW. So, I Googled Hollywood Video because I hate Blockbuster. I found one and called the number. Guess who answered? Blockbuster. Yeah, I don’t know how they did that, but I hate them for it. They said they were open until midnight, so I figured I’d go by the Hollywood video first and Blockbuster would be my last resort.

I got to Hollywood Video and the only copy they had was never returned. Shoot! So, I call Blockbuster to find out where they are. They explain to me that they are on the corner of Cypress Creek and Lakeline. I was on 183 and coming up to Cypress Creek. I say, “I’m on 183 and about to get to Cypres Creek, which way do I turn?”

The guy replies, “I don’t know which way you’re coming from.”

I said, “I’ll make it easy for you, are you guys East or West of 183?”

“Let me ask my manager.”

I wait.

“Uh, she’s not very good with directions either.”


“Okay, then I guess I’ll have to try both ways. how far are you from 183?”

“I don’t know.”

“5 minutes? 10 minutes? Help me out here.”

“5 minutes I think.”


So, I go to the comedy section in the middle of the store and can’t seem to find it. I ask the directionally challenged guy if they have any copies. “Yeah, it’s on the new release wall.”

“New release?” The movie came out over a year ago… maybe longer.

They had about 10 copies, but they were all stacked behind one another (not spread out like the popular movies). I paid almost $5. It was 11:55. And on my way home I added this little adventure onto my long list of reasons why I hate Blockbuster.


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One Response to “I hate Blockbuster”

  1. Steve Tanner Says:

    Another vote for Netflix! 🙂

    Yeah, Blockbuster is evil. But between Netflix and Redbox, you probably would never need to touch their stores again.


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