Crazy for Marshmallow Mateys!

June 23, 2009



Titus has always been a Cheerios kinda kid. Initially we thought it was cute when he’d go to the pantry and bring us the box of Cheerios. It got less cute when he would  grab the box and dump all the contents onto the floor. Step two was to roll aound in it experiencing a pure Cheerios pleasure. We usually got to him before step two. We also didn’t find his insatiable Cheerios munchies so cute. He’d finish a decently large meal and once he got down from his chair he’d head directly for the pantry for his comfort food.

marshmallow_mateysWell, last week Sara picked up a bag of Marshmallow Mateys. This is the knock-off brand of Lucky Stars. This was a college staple for me. Like his daddy, Titus loves his Mateys. LOVES them! He loves every little bite, but I know it’s the marshmallowy goodness that has him addicted. He craves it. He thinks about it. He dreams about it. I’m just not sure how far this might go. Have we created a monster? I feel it’s power on me too. I’ve already had two bowls of it myself this morning. So, if you’ve got a two-year old, hold off on the Mateys as long as you can!


2 Responses to “Crazy for Marshmallow Mateys!”

  1. jonathan Says:

    Call me a snob, but I’m a Lucky Charms man myself…


  2. Shayla Hintz Says:

    Consider yourself lucky if he’ll actually eat the cereal part of the cereal and not just the marshmallows like my kids did. I finally had to quit getting them because it wasn’t working for them to just eat marshmallows for breakfast. 🙂

    I love the mental picture of him rolling in the cheerios. Sounds like a prize winning photo in the making….


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