Christmas Eve

December 24, 2009


It’s Christmas Eve! Woo hoo! It’s Christmas Eve and it’s such a special one for the Conley family. This is the first Christmas that Titus is going know what’s going on. The last two were like any other day of the year for our little guy. We just can’t wait until Christmas morning. Although he opened up one present tonight (a Conley tradition I always enjoyed as a child) he still just doesn’t get that most of those presents under the tree are his. He did really enjoy tearing the paper off his first gift and we was even more excited about his books about cars, trucks, ladders and all kinds of other things he likes (Thanks Hintz family).

So, here’s our very Christmas-y front room.


Also, here is the glider bike that Titus is getting from us this Christmas.


Last but not least, here is a short video of me putting Titus’ bike together. This is the best! I love it!


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One Response to “Christmas Eve”

  1. JD Stevens Says:

    Awesome! Merry Christmas Conley family. I bet Titus is thoroughly enjoying his new bike this morning. We love you guys.


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