Titus Update: Kind of a long night

June 13, 2007

Family, Titus

We had a pretty busy day yesterday. Begining around 5:30, we had a handful of family and friends come pay Titus a visit. It was so great to share Titus. Sara fed Titus after our guests left and during that time I ran home to drop a few things off and clean the house a little.

When I got back to the hospital, Sara had just finished feeding Titus… I’d been going for a little over and hour. We’ve been very proud that Titus has eaten so well, but this was going overboard. At this time Titus seemed as if he could eat non-stop. Not too much longer we turned the lights out to get a little sleep. I woke up a few hours later to a very frustrated Sara. Again, she had been feeding Titus for over an hour and every time she stopped, Titus would cry.

We called in the nurse for a little help. She explained that now that Titus was over a day old, he was begining to understand what this hunger was. She explained that it could be cluster feeding, where he’ll eat several times back to back before taking a longer break to sleep. She also suggested that this will change once Sara’s milk comes in.

So, it was a little longer night for us… feeding him and then getting him calmed down to go to sleep. They just took him away a few minutes ago. The Dr. will be doing another check-up and then the circumcision. So, I’m not thinking we’re going to have a really happy boy when we get him back, but that’s okay. We haven’t heard yet if we are going home later… but I’ll post here when I find something out.



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2 Responses to “Titus Update: Kind of a long night”

  1. Angelagarcia Says:

    Dorian said to tell you and Mrs.Kenny (he calls Sara that) Congrats and thank you for putting pictures up for HIM to see. hee hee it’s all about him! Blessings!!!!!!!


  2. Anne Says:

    I’m sure your pediatrician told you this, but we have been feeding Olivia breast milk as well, and our ped said that they burn up the calories and it leaves no waste. So, as a result, they eat much more frequently.


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