Titus Update

June 12, 2007



We had some visitors today already. They got me lunch! Woo hoo. Thanks to the CT Kids team who took care of me!

We’re having a ball with our little boy. He’s quite the snorter, he cracks us up everytime he lets out a little snort.

He had a hearing test earlier today and he passed the test. I’m sure just the first of many. The pediatrition said that Titus looked to be in great shape… nothing to be concerned about.

Here are some pics of our visitors with Titus… oh and some pictures of Titus with me in the frame.

3 Responses to “Titus Update”

  1. Rose Condra Says:

    Karen called this morning from camp (where she is Denver’s surrogate mom for the week) to tell me the news. I got to share it with Melissa Cox, Melissa Conn and Melanie Wells tonight. Love all the pics. How can Sara be so lovely right after giving birth to that big boy! She is ravishing! You’re not too bad yourself, either, Mr. Kenny. All the Condras send love and hugs. We miss you!


  2. Landy Elledge Says:

    Hi Kenny & Sara! We’re so excited to finally see Titus! I’m so happy for you two and your beautiful boy. Sara, get as much rest as you can and Kenny take care of Sara. : )

    Love you guys!

    Landy & Russell Elledge


  3. Lyle Workman Says:

    I love Titus’s snorts! Thanks so much for letting have a chance to visit today and hold Titus. One of the many times that I will hold a baby. You guys are great!


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