Random Discussion 9.3.07

September 3, 2007

Random Thoughts

Today is Sara’s birthday. It wouldn’t be a propper day without a random discussion. Sara and I were sitting in our living room and suddenly she got very frustrated for no reason. I asked her what was a matter and she said, “I can’t remember who the 12 disciples were.” I laughed and said, “well, I might be able to help as I’m writing some curriculum that involved the 12.” We came up with 10. That dang Simon the Zealot and the other James messed us up.

We looked it up and discovered that you get a different list depending on what book you look for them. Matthew, Mark and Luke list the same as John; however John calls Bartholmew Nathaniel and he called Thaddaeus Judas the Zealot (not Iscariot). Confusing, huh?

Oh, and this one is a bonus for you. Matthias was named the new 12th disciple after Judas Iscariot killed himself.


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