Random Discussion 9.1.07

September 1, 2007

Random Thoughts

This is the first entry in this new category. If you have known Sara or I for any lenght of time, you’ll know that we talk about anything and everything. Some people are really puzzled about how we have spent so much time… and many years discussing life’s mysteries such as, is a hotdog a sandwich, does every man want a lair or even one of my favorites, is a point (the geometry one) infinite. Yeah, we know, we’re not your ordinary couple. I think this goes to show that we just love talking. However, most are initiated by Sara.

Today’s random discussion was based on the fact that Sara didn’t believe that people from other countries really knew their history becasue most Americans don’t really know our history. I dissagreed to a certain extent. Sara then quickly asked, “When was our constitution written.” Miguel, our “Mexican” friend (whose family by the way has lived in the United States for longer than probably mine or Sara’s family) immediately said, “1776.” Sara and I knew this wasn’t right. That was the date of the Declaration of Independence. Sara guessed the 1790’s and I guess the early 1800’s.

The answer, September 17th, 1787. Wow, who knew. Did you know that our country is about to celebrate the 220th anniversary of this wonderful document. You should be ashamed if you don’t… we were. So, we’re throwing a party in a few weeks to commemorate this momentus date! If you’re around, come and join us.


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