Friends like family

September 21, 2007

Family, Friends

DSC01761When you live 500 miles from the closest family, your friends become your family. Sara and I have been fortunate to have many close friends here in Texas. Even more fortunate for us, some of our closest friends, the Stevens, live two houses down.

We met the Stevens about 6 months after we moved to Texas. They visited Anchor Church (the church I moved to Texas to work for), joined and by some coincidence, I baptized JD. Almost three years later, we’re great friends, Shelby is on staff at our new church and both our families have/are expanded.

Twice now we’ve gone to JD’s parents lake house in Possum Kingdom. Both times were a welcome retreat from the business of life. Ultimately it was a great time for all of us to hang out. We went last spring just before Titus was born and it was so awesome! Below are some pictures from this last visit.






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2 Responses to “Friends like family”

  1. Shelby Says:

    Maybe it is the pregnancy but I am totally crying! You guys are such great “family” and we love you!



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