I can sit up… thanks to Mr. Bumpo!

September 20, 2007


We got a Bumpo chair at one of the baby showers, but Titus couldn’t sit in it until he could hold his head up on his own. He seems to be doing that a lot better now, so we figured we’d try out the Bumpo. Ha! We had so much fun. For the first time Titus looks a lot more grown up as he sits up and looks all around. The chair is so funny looking, like he’s sitting in his little baby throne. Enjoy the pictures!


2 Responses to “I can sit up… thanks to Mr. Bumpo!”

  1. IconBoy Says:

    Did you know that the Bumbo seat was invented in South Africa If you look at the packaging you see a fish-symbol so I think they might even be believers.
    In case you are interested, you can get an add-on for it which is brilliant:
    We got it at the store – saves paying ½ the price for shipping.


  2. geneconley Says:

    love this blog! i keep track of titus on here. i cannot believe my little brother is a DAD! i’m so proud of you and Sara!

    love you both!


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