Four Months

October 12, 2007


Well, Titus has his 4 month check-up yesterday. Here’s what we learned:

First of all, our little guy is now 18 pounds and 27 inches long. He’s going to begin eating cereal simply because he’s ready… about two months early. The Dr. said he’s in the 95th percentile in his weitght and int the 95th percentil in height. He didn’t say it, but I believe that Titus is also in the 95th percentil in intelligence as well… at least.

So, we have to get a new car seat in a few weeks since it’s only rated up to kids 29-30 inches and 20 pounds. He’s also getting to where he’s going to need some new clothes. He’s pretty much growing out of his 6 month clothes and fitting comfortably into 9 month clothes.

Oh, and most exciting of all, Titus rolled over today. Sara likes to give him some tummy-time after his first feeding of the day. He was on our bed and finally figured out how to flip over. I came in and saw an encore performance of the Mighty Titus Turn-over. However, when I got the camera to get it on video, he was ready to take a break. So, hopefully in the next day or two, i’ll get some video of Titus turning over. I would imagine we’ll get him doing backflips on the trampoline next month… it’s what you would expect for a 95th percentile kid.

Here are some videos of Titus just being Titus:


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