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October 13, 2007

Random Thoughts


Okay, I am one of those people who actually do like Wal-Mart. Yeah, I know. Wal-Mart is the great evil of capitalism, responsible for shutting down Mom and Pop’s all over the country. However, where else can you get your hair cut, buy tires, a deck of uno cards and a pair of underwear all under one roof? This is why I love Wal-Mart. I know that service isn’t great, but I’ll take a downgrade on service in order to have just about everything else in one stop.

The one funny thing I encountered last week was in regard to their Tire and Lube Express. We typically get our tires from Wal-Mart because they are much less expensive and if we get them at Wal-Mart, we can get them serviced at any Wal-Mart. Not bad. Well, our Truck was due for some new tires in a major way. Sara went to the Wal-Mart in North Richland Hills, TX and they gave us a quote on specific tires for $85 a tire. The Wal-Mart in NRH isn’t really as conveninet for us, so I decided to take the quote with me to the Wal-Mart in Roanoke which is on my way to work.

I get there and they don’t have the tires which is dissapointing. Howevver, the guy said I couldn’t get them for $85 because that was a special that the NRH Wal-Mart was running and he said that they don’t compete with other Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Expresses. Well, I thought that was a load of garbage, but the funny thing was the guarantee on the back:

“We sell tires for less and will not be undersold!”

I guess they’re not including other Wal-Marts. 


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