Proof that I’m 100% man

December 17, 2007


man Okay, I totally got laughed at by my wife and her little girlfriends. Yes, I did deserve it. My crime? I was simply being a man.

Sara went back to Texas to get our stuff. We came to Texas in a mad dash to get here for a funeral. We did bring as much as we could fit in our suitcases, but not enough to stay for any lengthy amount of time. So, Sara had the challenging task to getting the most basic belongings that will sustain us for the time we’ll be in Georgia. She asked me to put together a list of the things I needed to have. I spent several hours thinking of everything I needed. Below is my list:

  • Blockbuster online dvd
  • Power Grid Game
  • Settlers of Catan Card Game
  • Acquire Game
  • Printer
  • Wireless Router
  • Wireless Print Server (box it comes in software)
  • Microphone and other misc. cables
  • *Box of books (in the closet downstairs)
  • Lord of the Rings DVD
  • Tommy Boy DVD
  • Mystery Men DVD
  • Obsessed Book (in basket, dust jacket in or on bookshelf)
  • House Book
  • Skin Book
  • External Hard Drive
  • Software Cases (looking for Bible Software and Adobe Software)
  • Rise of Nations Package
  • Casual man shoes
  • My Keys
  • Geocaching supplies (amo box and some supplies – definitely ziplock bag that is in the CRV)

After getting made fun of a little bit, I laughed too. My list is kind of stupid. Basically this was a list of all my toys, everything that will entertain me during the time I am in Georgia. Yes, I am a man. Thank goodness Sara took care of getting my clothes and stuff.


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7 Responses to “Proof that I’m 100% man”

  1. shelby Says:

    yes we did laugh at your list. the funny thing is, JD’s list would be the same! 🙂 Hopefully Sara will be to you soon but I think all these delays are a sign you all need to be in TEXAS!:):)


  2. Josh Suiter Says:

    Lizzie would be laughing at my list if I had to create one. It’s a man thing, they don’t understand!


  3. Nene Says:

    You just don’t want to know how hard Nene is laughing at your ‘manly man’ list! ! ! ! Oh my gosh, some things (er, people) never change!
    I hope Sara hurries to Georgia to rescue you soon. If you are in Georgia WITHOUT all the things on the list above, I’m surprised you haven’t had a total meltdown!


  4. Kenny Says:

    Pretty silly, huh? Josh, you’re right… they just don’t understand.

    Actually, the funny thing is that yesterday I was watching about 7 hours of The Lord of the Rings movies. As I was sitting there watching it, I had a strong desire to pull out the Silmarillion, which is the book of Tolkien’s unfinished works on Middle Earth. I got it for Christmas several years ago but only got 50-60 pages into it. It was already late, so I sent Sara a text message. Yes, the Silmarillion is currently on it’s way to me. One more for the man list!


  5. Joel Says:

    I love Tommy Boy! But what in tarnations is a Skin Book? Casual Man shoes?

    I guess I’ve been in Africa too long…


  6. Kenny Says:

    The book is called Skin. Sara calls my nicer than tennis shoes and not as nice as dress shoes my “casual man shoes.” Just in case anyone else was wondering…



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