Road Trip Debacles

December 17, 2007


roadtrip [Blog] Well, as you know from my silly Man post, Sara has been in Texas packing up some of our stuff. It’s actually 11:45 PM and she’s on the road right now… poor girl.

So, the plan was for her to pack over the weekend, primarily on Friday and Saturday and then head out on Sunday. In this short weekend Sara visited with as many friends as she could before leaving. In addition, we had a plumber come fix a running toilet (dang things wouldn’t stay in one place) and Sara had to get the CRV into the shop (brakes and rotors). Not exactly an ideal time to be doing work on the car, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Finally on Saturday night, Sara and I decided to try to get rid of our truck. That way when our house sells, we don’t have to worry about multiple vehicles and we don’t need it here in GA. Sara sets off for CarMax to get an offer. However, on her way to CarMax, Sara feels the pressure of things still to be done. We change our mind and decide that Sara can just pack up the back of the truck and bring it here. Then we can sell the truck here (we really don’t need any cars here… and yes, they do have roads here in South Georgia… dirt ones). So, she goes home to finish packing and cleaning. I had it set up for one of my fellow "man friends" to come and help pack the truck and cover it well with tarps and bungee cords. By midnight or so, it became obvious that Sara wasn’t going to get it all done and that she would have to leave on Monday instead.

She took her time, got well rested and had the truck packed up. Our friend and neighbor JD Stevens even parked the truck in the garage for Sara (it’s a tight squeeze) and the pulled it out when he left for work at 4:30 AM. I get a phone call at 7:30is this morning from Sara. She’s on the road and concerned about squeaky brakes. Just to be careful, Sara turns around and goes home to try to get the truck in the shop. Finally about 2 hours later, she’s in. Unfortunately, we needed brakes and rotors on the truck as well (it’s just money, right?). About 3 hours later, Sara is finally on the road. So, instead of making it to her sister’s house in Mobile, AL at 6:00 PM, she’ll be pulling in after midnight.

She’s probably going to finish with another 6 hour drive to Valdosta tomorrow afternoon. So, if you think of it… pray for her as she travels. If you haven’t talked to her in a while, you might as well give her a call as she doesn’t have much else to do. Our family will be reunited once again very soon.


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