Viva Las Vegas… baby!

March 5, 2008


LasVegasSign [Blog] Many know that Sara and I (Titus too) flew out to Las Vegas in January to interview for a ministry position. In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted this earlier, it is because I make it a point not to blog about positions I’m interviewing for. Blogging is very public and the churches I’m interviewing with do review this blog as well as my ministry blog. So, I wanted to post a little bout our trip to Vegas simply because it was a memorable event for us and the door for this ministry position is now closed.

I actually started talking with a very large church in Vegas one week before I was let go from Cross Timbers. Interesting timing, huh? There was an open position for a Children’s Pastor at one of their campuses. We just found out a few weeks ago that the church had to let go of 15% of the staff due to financial issues. WOW! So, the restructured within their existing staff and eliminated the position I interviewed for. Sara and I are 100% up for adventure and have often thought of living out west at some point. Our prayer from the very beginning was that God make the decision clear for us. We spent 5 days in Vegas and it was a roller coaster the entire time. The church and people were very compelling reason for moving to Vegas. However, the “difference” of this city, the alien terrain (it is a desert you know) and the high cost of living were things we were wrestling with. Fortunately the decision was made for us.

All that aside, it was a fun trip. We arrived in Vegas at midnight (which was 3:00 AM our time). My contact at the church came by and picked me up the next morning at 7:00 AM to go on a hike. Before I came out he asked me if I like to hike. The better question to ask would have been, “What kind of shape are you in?” The hike was grueling! It was a short climb up Fortification Hill. Short but very steep. Within an hour, we were on top of the hill watching tourist helicopters flying below us. Crazy. It was absolutely beautiful though.

Over the next few days, we did everything from eat at a Vegas buffet, we went for dinner (and a behind the scenes tour) at the Venetian, sight seeing around Charleston Peak and hanging out with the staff at this great church. It was a great experience. This was my first interview since being let go. After feeling a little burned, I was a little hesitant to jump right back in again, but being in Vegas really got me fired up for getting back to what I was born to do. I learned a great deal about incredible ministry strategy that impacted me in a profound way. They have a great vision for family ministry and it was refreshing to see how they were doing multi-site.

Well, that’s about it. Sara and I got to see Vegas (something we can mark off our list). Unfortunately Titus won’t remember it, so he’ll have to go back one day if he desires to do so.

Pictures of Fortification Hill:

Picture_0380a Fortification-Hill Picture_0373a

Pictures of Hover Dam:

IMG_2391 [Blog]IMG_2387 [Blog] IMG_2400 [Blog] IMG_2393 [Blog]

Pictures of Charleston Peak (kind of looks like Colorado, huh?)

IMG_2408 [Blog] IMG_2409 [Blog] IMG_2410 [Blog]


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