Not sure if I’d be frustrated… or proud

March 6, 2008


blogging_anti_social Something about this seems strangely familiar. Often times Sara has asked me about something and my reply has been, "if you read my blog you’d know the answer to that." Yeah, I’m not winning friends and influencing people with that, am I? With Titus already showing an inclination toward technology (No really! He already has a toy iPod and if I’m working on my laptop, he’s convinced he has to try to hit the buttons. Oh, and he’s subscribed to the Sesame Street daily video podcast) I have a feeling that a conversation like the cartoon above might actually happen. I’ll keep you posted…

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  1. Rob Jones Says:

    I’m just like that kid, people send me questions and I reply with links to one of my blog posts. And then I want to comment.


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