Titus is .75 years old today!

March 11, 2008


IMG_2377 [Blog] Woo hoo! Happy birth… little boy! Yeah, I only used 75% of the phrase happy birthday in honor of his .75 birthday. Also, to follow with this theme, I’ll keep this post 75% shorter than the average.

6 Responses to “Titus is .75 years old today!”

  1. Josh Suiter Says:

    I love the t-shirt….


  2. Rob Jones Says:

    You could have added 25% more humor 🙂


  3. Kenny Says:

    Oh, was I 25% short? Wait, I’m confused. Interestingly enough, this post has received 75% more comments. Awesome!


  4. nene Says:

    He needs a shirt that says “My dad’s a goof!” That is the cutest expression I’ve ever seen – he must have been looking at his mama! Happy 3/4 birthday little guy! You will survive your parents, I promise! Love, Nene


  5. Karen Jones Says:

    I can’t help noticing there are about 75% more blogs about Titus than anything else.


  6. Kenny Says:

    A simple truth we’ve come to learn. Titus has made Sara and I significantly more popular. So, I’ll probably stick to the strategy of posting about him more than my thoughts on technology or random social issues.


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