If he doesn’t know his name… he’s Elisha

May 22, 2010

Family, Titus

I read to Titus from his Beginners Bible every night. It’s one of his staples. The other Staple is Cars and Trucks and things that Go. For the last week or two, we’ve also been reading “That’s not my tractor,” but that’s beside the point.

We’ve been reading to him from his Bible since he was about 6 months old. In the early months (or actually since about 9 months ago), he didn’t really care so much about it. But now, he doesn’t want to go to sleep until he’s gotten his daily Bible. I’m sometimes amazed by how much he remembers. About a week after we read the story of Esther, Sara was flipping through the Bible and came across the story and Titus pointed at the page and said “Mordecai.” Wow!

So, this weekend we’ve been reading about Elijah and Elisha. Yesterday we read about Elisha and the Jars of Oil.

Today before his nap we read about Elisha and Naman. Finally, tonight we moved on to a new story. Josiah, the boy who was king. No more Elisha.

Then on page 237, Titus pointed at the hired workers. Elisha, Elisha and Elisha. Good grief. So, anyone dude with a beard is going to be Elisha. Then came the next page, 239.

Elisha, Elisha, Elisha and Josiah. Unfortunately, the Biblical characters without names are from this point on… Elisha, no matter the gender. We’ll see how long this lasts.



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