Traveling Titus

April 10, 2008

Titus, Travel

pilottitus2Titus sure does get around. Since mid November, Titus has been on 13 separate flights. Not bad for a 10 month old, huh? I think he’s even been to 11 separate states. It’s always a huge relief where there are plenty of seats on the airplane and he gets his own… but we’re about 50/50 on those odds. In the last week we had five separate flights where Titus was literally, the "infant in arms." However, as an active 10 month old, he’s more of the infant in everything he can get into.

Truthfully, he’s such a great traveler. Usually he’s all smiles… kinda like a little celebrity. It’s just when he’s over-tired and ready for a nap he becomes one of "those" babies on the plane.

On Monday we were fortunate enough to land the bulkhead seat. This is the seat I often pray for due to my long legs. With a baby… jackpot. For those of you seriously afraid of your child catching some germ… then this won’t apply to you. But in the bulkhead seat, Titus has room to play, roll around, test his standing skills and everything between… even swinging from the first class curtain… no really, he did that. Enjoy the videos of our little captain!

Flying Titus 1 from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

Flying Titus 1 from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

Flying Titus 2 from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

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  1. Shelby Says:

    he is so quiet! kade has never been that quiet on a plane. and of course he is soooo cute!


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