Quantum Cake: Part Three

April 16, 2008

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Okay, last on in this series… I think.

After they read my email on the show I emailed back and thanked Tom again. Since the show did such a good job of settling this issue, I decided to drop the mother-load. Is a hotdog a sandwich? Sara and I have been debating this one for years. Below is the email and his “two” responses.

My email:

Thanks for the reply! Obviously since BOL saves marriages, we have one more MAJOR debate that we’ve been discussing for the 8 years we’ve been married:
Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Grateful for you assistance!

Tom’s response:

Usage would say no. I found many references for a “Hot dog and sandwich shop”

However a hot dog without buns is still referred to as a hot dog.

So I’m guessing the hot dog may have originated as a hot dog sandwich. I will investigate further.


Tom’s second response:

I’m willing to rule it a sandwich.

The hot dog or frankfurter is a particular kind of sausage of either Frankfurt or Viennese origin.

Hot dog refers to the sausage itself.

The hot dog in a bun seems to be a variant of a sausage sandwich – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sausage_sandwich

So it depends on what you mean. If by hot dog you mean the sausage and bun combo, then yes it is a sandwich. Otherwise it is merely a sausage.

I love this show!


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  1. nene Says:

    Oh my gosh! It’s going to be really good when you actually begin working again! You have way too much time! Go – teach your son to work the computer or something really useful!

    Love you, Nene


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