Leaving this dump! (Part 3)

June 6, 2008


Maybe I’m just noticing this, but we’ve been living among some strange people. It’s probably a good test of my patience, but I’m wearing down. Sara and I count how often the "wolf lady" takes her dogs out for a walk (at least 12 times a day). Today, Sara noticed that she was joined by "the clown." Apparently it was an older woman with weird hair and bright red shoes. We also enjoy watching this big, buff guy take his little miniature dog out every day. This stuff just isn’t so bad… just entertaining.

Then I started to notice other things.

Just about every night, a new broken down car would end up in our parking lot. I’m expecting any day to find a trailer beside my car. There are currently two cars with fat tires in the lot, along with a very old Honda that’s been modified to pull what looks like could be a covered wagon. Then about two days ago a grill showed up in the parking lot. Not just any grill. I think it’s the same model grill my grandmother bought my grandfather after returning from WWII. No, it’s not trash. Someone is using it. They just leave it in a parking space like you would a car. When walking Francie the other night, I noticed another grill. Two of them. I whish I’d known, I would have had Sara buy some steaks.

 IMG_3291 [50%]IMG_3294 [50%]

IMG_3295 [50%]IMG_3296 [50%]

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