Leaving this dump! (Part 4)

June 7, 2008


Two nights ago I was walking Francie. It was late, so Titus was asleep. The curtains to our room were drawn. Good thing. As I rounded the corner of the hotel, I saw a group of guys head out of the front door and head to their cars. One who was dressed a little like Marky Mark from NKOTB decided that he just really had to go to the bathroom. What better place to do so than on the bush and wall just outside our room window. If Sara had opened the curtains, she would have had a view.

IMG_3299 [50%]

Our room is the one with the white splotch of paint to the right of the window. They did some kind of repair our first week here and they haven’t repainted yet. Marky took care of business on the bush centered with our window. Personally, I would have chosen the tall bush/tree to the right… but that’s just me.


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