You think I’d committed a crime…

July 5, 2008

Francie, Titus

Okay people… you guys are like Titus addicts. You know, I’ve got a job and stuff, didn’t you know?

Okay, I’m working on catching up. I’ve been converting videos and uploading them. So, stay tuned for some awesome Titus video and pictures coming to this site.

So, this is how it’s going to work. I know myself. Rather than upload 2 hours of video and a bajillion photos right now, I’m posting them now for future dates. This way every few day’s you’ll be getting some Titus… how’s that for you?

Oh, and just to tide you over, here’s a cute pic of Mr. T himself!

IMG_3533 [50%]

2 Responses to “You think I’d committed a crime…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Oh, my heart goes out to Francie. She has no idea what is in store for her! But Titus, in the same breath I want to say Ride ’em cowboy!!!! Titus, tell Daddy I could watch you play for hours so keep the pics coming. You are so cute!!!

    Love you,



  2. Nene Says:

    Well, daddy, it is so good to know that you FINALLY got your priorities straight in life, and now know what the REALLY important things are! 🙂 Titus, tell your daddy that you have a fan club out here that gets old and cranky at times, so, it is good to know that daddy is finally with it! Keep those pictures coming. . .Nana is so right, you are such a cutie! Nene


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