Titus Travels West

September 11, 2008

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This past week I took Titus to visit my parents and my sister’s family in Colorado.

My fears of flying alone with a walking running child were unfounded. He did a great job on the plane. Three things made all the difference in the world:

  1. the new Sesame Street toy TV remote control I bought for him to play with (it’s even silver so it looks like a real one!)
  2. the 1million cheerios he consumed
  3. the open seat next to us on three of our four flights

We had a fabulous time with my family. He was showered with hugs and kisses. We all took a million pictures.

Titus loved playing with the toys at their houses.

My nieces read to him.

Uncle Walt carried him on a family day of hiking.

Auntie Shayla took us to the zoo.

Bama treated us to a carousel ride.

Grandad helped Titus with important block construction projects.

Grandad and Bama took him to the park.

Today we napped!


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