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September 9, 2008


I’ve got a question for you tech heads out there. I’m using GoDaddy to host this blog and my email associated with this blog. I use an email client to read and send email through this address. Unfortunately, I have this email client set up on my computer, Sara’s computer and my iPod touch. Because GoDaddy only uses POP3 email, when I check email on one machine and delete the junk, I have to sort through the same email and junk on the other machines. It’s a little frustrating. I really want IMAP email… but I’m not gong to get it from GoDaddy.

Here are my questions:

  • Do you know of a good hosting service that’s competitive with GoDaddy and supports IMAP email?
  • Is it possible to host your website with one ISP and your email with another (I’ve already paid the full year for hosting with GoDaddy, but I’d be interested in moving my email to an ISP that supports IMAP)
  • When my year of hosting is up with GoDaddy, is it easy to move my blog to a new ISP without messing up the entire web site?

Let me know if you have some answers.


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2 Responses to “IMAP email”

  1. Rob Jones Says:

    GoDaddy provides IMAP if you get the Unlimited account which will solve all your POP problems. No reason to switch services, just upgrade you email.


  2. Nene Says:

    Oh darn! Rob answered your question! I was going to tell you that I’d give you the answer. . .as soon as new pictures of my boy get put on here! Just a little bribery going on! Oh well, I really didn’t know the answer anyway, as we all know Nene is no ‘techie’! Glad everyone is back safe and sound! Love you all. . .


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