The Banff Chronicles: Customs and tight connections

October 17, 2008

Kenny, Sara, Travel

Two days before we left for Banff, I was very concerned about our connection times. We were flying from Calgary to Austin with a connection in Houston. Unfortunately we only had 40 minutes to connect in Houston. Since flying from Canada was technically an international flight, I figured that there was absolutely no way we could arrive in Houston, pick up our bags, go through customs and immigration, re-check our bags and then make it to our connecting flight in less than 40 minutes.

I called Delta and expressed my concern. The lady on the phone looked up my schedule on her computer and explained that it came up as a valid schedule. Nothing more I could really do, but I just knew that we were going to miss that connection. We just figured we might have to get a rental car and drive from Houston to Austin or fly in the next morning.

I don’t know if this is true of other places in Canada, but this was our experience in Calgary. When we arrived at the airport and checked in, we actually went through customs and immigration in Calgary. That way, when we arrived in Houston, it was just like making any other connection. Perfect. We got to our gate a few minutes late but our second flight was only four gates down, so we had no problems and did not miss our connection.


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