The Banff Chronicles: Moraine Lake

October 28, 2008


Before we left for Canada, we both did a little research. Sara actually emailed a photographer from Banff. I’m not sure how Sara connected with her, but she simply asked this local what to do while in the area. Amazingly, she emailed Sara with lists of things to do and see. One of her suggestions was Moraine Lake. It was only 10 miles or so from Lake Louise, it was not nearly as popular. The photographer indicated that it was her favorite, maybe because it isn’t the first choice for all the tourists. Actually a view from Moraine Lake was on the back of the Canadian twenty dollar bill for some time. The area pictured is called the valley of ten peaks.

I was pretty intent on visiting Moraine Lake. There were several hikes that I was interested in, but I wasn’t sure that we’d have the opportunity. The road to Moraine Lake typically closed in early October and we just happened to be there on October 1st. Since I didn’t know when they’d actually close the road, we figured we’d at least drive out to the lake just to see it, even though we were totally exhausted.

The lake was definitely impressive. We didn’t experience as much of the “wow factor” probably because we were so tired and we had just come from Lake Louise; however, the peaks surrounding the lake were so impressive. If in the area again, I’d certainly take the time to do some hiking abound Moraine Lake.

Moraine Lake Moraine Lake 2

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