Titus the Kicker

October 30, 2008


The last week or so, Titus has been learning to throw. He will take one of Francie’s tennis balls and throw it. Well, it’s not really a good throw, but it is a start. He gets it in hand and kind of waves his hand back and forth and usually lets go on the downward wave sending the ball straight down and it rolls forward about 2 or 3 feet (yeah, not a lot of power yet). He’s done this quite a few times, but he’s not really all that “into it” either. He’ll do it once and then move on to something else and maybe do it again later in the day or another day.

Today, Sara and Titus came up the the church to have lunch with me. We sat in the Garage (it’s not a garage like you might picture it) and let Titus run around and play while we ate. I brought a kickball down stairs for him to play with. He had fun picking it up with both hands and throwing it a few times. Usually just a little toss. Then as he was coming up to it to pick it up again, he walked too far and bumped it with his leg and it rolled away. He seemed to enjoy what just happened and the wheels in his head started turning. “Maybe I can make this happen on purpose.” So he approached the ball and pushed it forward with his foot. He squeeled with delight and did it again.

I told Sara, “look, Titus has learned to kick!” She place her hand on her belly and replied with, “trust me, he learned how to kick a long time ago.”

So, this is a big deal. Right? Can this be the beginings of a love for soccer? Football? Maybe even professional kickball. Oh well, whatever. It’s just so fun watching him discover new things.

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  1. Kat Says:

    Buy shin-guards before it’s too late.


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